COVID-19: Buhari’s CoS, Abba Kyari may be flown abroad as health condition worsen

Abba Kyari

By Kparobo Ehvwubare-Sunreporters

There are plans by Nigerian government to smuggle Buhari Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari out of the country for better medical attention if the information at our disposal is anything to go by.

Dependable sources at the Presidential Villa who spoke on condition not be mention told our correspondent that the chief of staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, Abba Kyari may be flown abroad as the sources explained that he has other ailments that may hinder his quick recovery from Coronavirus.

One of the sources who spoke to our correspondent noted that if Kyari health condition did not improve before Friday, Nigerian government may order reopening of international airport to enable Abba Kyari”s transit abroad.

Correspondent reports that doctors attending to Kyari, have obtained his medical records from Wellington Hospital, St. John’s Wood, London. “Abba Kyari’s medical records have been sent via email from Wellington Hospital where he goes for his check-up and also gets his treatment, stressing that if the ailment persist, Mr. Abba Kyari may be flown to Wellington hospital for proper medical attention.

“He has some other health conditions which will be kept confidential. We are hoping for the
best”, but if his health condition did not improve by weekend, he may be flown abroad.”

The Wellington Hospital, located in North London, deals with Brain surgery, Cardiac care, Orthopaedic care, Spinal care, Women’s health, Urology care and others.

It would recalled that the Nigeria most influential man, Mr. Abba Kyari was tested positive for coronavirus Tuesday, a development that spark off tension at the Aso Villa.


  1. All Governor, Senator, Rep or Minister etc should be treated in his or her state hospital.
    Enjoy the benefits of ur work.

  2. Aren’t those who said they are the Government of Nigeria ashemed that they don’t have a common hospital to treat their patient other than sending him abroad. He should be send to his constituents hospital to take treatment. Let him serve as an example to all.

  3. At this critical time they want to reopen airport na wa oo naija even the Wellington hospital how safe it is?where Corona virus dey London and they are fighting for their life’s he should be treated in Nigeria what goes around comes around!Law of karma!!

  4. Rara ooh…we are all stuck here. We go nowhere. U pple said u r stubborn abi. U will get ur treatment here inside the hospitals u build and in your community…any flight that will attempt to take you out of this country will not land on this earth. God punish all of una

  5. Nigerians, don’t worry yourselves at all because no hospital in Europe will accept him at this time. The whole of Europe is overwhelmed with their daily positive cases and deaths in their hundreds, na yeye corrupt Nigerian case them wan attend to? He must be treated in Nigeria

  6. Kyari or what’s his name? Are U too old to die? The country U and Buhari scatter never do U make U die? I wonder want Corona is waiting for before it kill U and Buhari. Noncence.

  7. Nonsense God don catch una you
    you people think you are wise you refused to build our hospitals you looted all our money so that when you sick you go to Europe for treatment now where you wan go dem ma de look for where dem go go you must remain here na here all of us go die

  8. Ah! Leader people politician in Nigeria, why you didn’t take a second to think twice that there’s GOD watching you, millions of people are suffering and he want to flown to abroad! Why you don’t have believe in GOD? If will you be fine you will and if you are not, you won’t you have to believe in that! You don’t want to die right? It’s because of money or power? One day all of it you will leave for life, it has been written from ALLAH.

  9. All agreed to save his life and have him and everyone else that have been infected back on their feet would be a remarkable achievement. If I could be heared, i would have suggested that our hospitals too, should still be brought to good standards by our government.

  10. All of you dirty leaders, will never go unpublished, now you want to risk the lives of millions Nigeria, just for this one person, who him epp, soldjar go soldjar come, barrack still remain, oba no dey go transfer, so he his not going anywhere,


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