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Open letter to James Ibori : Have we committed sin for voting Okowa?

Your Excellency, I am very happy you came back to Nigeria bouncing and seeing things yourself, as it unfolds, I am sure you have had some time to do a lot of introspection about your private life,  political journey and privileges  thus far, while in London fighting to get your head off the hook of the enemies. 

You must have had enough time to reckon with your morality. On your arrival to Nigeria, you saw how your convoy was besieged by the high and mighty in the State, particularly the good people of Oghara, your home town; that fateful I was among those that journeyed to Asubi airport to give you heroic welcome. I almost fainted at the airport, when one of my colleagues from Abuja called me that you have just been arrested by DSS which to turned out to a mere invitation by the agency. 

Because of tension and the weighty nature of that news, I could not break it to anybody not even Chief Ighoyota Amori that I was standing with, not until it was posted on social media where we were very worried but God being on our side when some of us were praying in our heart, I got another call that you are already in Benin, coming to Oghara. I did not know if we flied from Osubi or drive.

That goes to show how your people loved you, occasioned by your benevolence and good will in the past before you left us to far away United Kingdom.

It would interest His Excellency to note that Oghara, your hometown was agog on that fateful day, my phones knew no rest, with journalists all over Nigeria calling to know if the lion has landed.

Those ordinary Deltans, Ogharans in particular who welcomed you back home believed in your integrity cum leadership prowess. They wish you well and want you succeed in all your endeavors.

In shock, I write this letter to intimate you of the recent happenings in our dear State with my heart bleeding and my pen unstable writing His Excellency this open letter with the view to be assured of the place of Oghara people in the comity of things in our dear State, because I am disturbed with the way those you trusted has succeeded in dislodging our people, starving our people to coma with appointment in the State.

I am afraid and compared by my conscience and morality being one of your political apostles to write this letter to His Excellency that Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa is making effort to dislodge His Excellency in the build up to 2023 for not appointing your political apostles, this writer inclusive hitherto that could be best described as your lieutenants in our kingdom, not unmindful of the fact that some of them has failed us in the past, but it is better we still have such positions being occupied by our people.

It would also interest His Excellency to note that the Okowa first tenure succeeded in relegating Oghara people and your perceived loyalists to the background, a calculated attempt to dislodge Your Excellency come 2023.

Unconfirmed report credited to one of Gov. Okowa top aide stated that Okowa would determine who the governor would hand over power to come 2023, an indication that the plan to crumble His Excellency dynasty is already on the pipeline if that information is anything to go by.

Your Excellency, we voted for Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa because you directed us to do so, and that will amount to political suicide if Okowa would decide to pay us this way as whatever he was today was as a result of your goodwill and legacies.

As at the time of writing this letter, Gov. Okowa has made over twenty appointments from Delta central and our people has not gotten any but we worked tirelessly to ensure that he won the election following your directives. 

Being an investigative reporter, I was told that Oghara has gotten their fair share in the party in terms of position and I tried to ask under which calculation?  The House of Representatives that was won by Ben Igbakpa was a personal struggle no stakeholder want him then, but we the masses stood for him, hence I have so much confidence that Ben Igbakpa cannot afford to betray the trust and overwhelming support given to him.

Furthermore your daughter,  our amazon, Erhitake election was done from the heart to ensure you are convinced that we loved you; we did when you were away not despite all odds and we also did now that you around, which people from across the bridge are now using against us. Fine if they have gotten commissioner and executive director then the equation has been balanced and as such they should not expect both the House of Assembly and Chairman when we finish our tenure. The hitherto gentleman arrangement of 1999 has to continue,  they will take one out of HOA and Chairman of the Local government. 

Your Excellency, it would however shock His Excellency that the present DESOPADEC board soon to be inaugurated has non of your people and after they have succeeded in rendering the ones bubbling DESOPADEC led by Williams Makinde incapacitated. This was the commission you created to the twilight of your administration. DESOPADEC has been taken from you, John Nani would rather  listen to Gov. Okowa more than you with the way things are going. Where are thy kinsmen in DESOPADEC board? The MD and Chairman of the board are direct boys to Pharoah. 

Oghara people will now become hewers of wood, beggars in the next four years, the hitherto kingmakers has become slaves in their royal homes. How did we get here? Could there be a sell out somewhere? The above questions is begging for answers.

No doubt, Oghara who are known for their block votes, delivered Okowa 100%, won all the elections, came third in governorship election and why did Okowa decided to pay Oghara people back with this? After claiming that Oghara to be his second home! What is our sin? Is it because we voted enmass for Okowa? God! What is our sin!

Your Excellency! What confidence do you expect us to have now that you will still have your way to producing the next governor come 2023? I am really worried by the day.

I wept seeing Oghara being relegated to the background and everybody seems to be observing table manner. I see irrational love and irrational hate jostling together in the heart of that talented, tormented man. But whereas irrational love may at worst engender foolish nature of our people. 
Edefa erhioooo.

Kparobo Ehvwubare is a journalist, online publisher wrote from Oghara-Delta State in tears. Could be reached on marksbare@gmail.com, +2347067546856 (sms only)

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