Celebrating Gregory Ighere Chieftaincy title

By Kparobo Ehvwubare
The concept of leadership has always been of tremendous interest to classical thinkers as well as contemporary political, entrepreneurial and empowerment scholars as our world continues on the path of progressive route. 

Similarly, astute leadership theory rose to prominence in 1980-90s, and can be traced back to the political sociologists, Max Weber and James Macgregor Burns, who did justice to leadership evolution.
Classical leadership fits have a twin focal point on ‘who a leader is as well as what a leader does’, merging both the trait and behavioural theories of leadership would be met.

Replica leaders are exceptional because they possess a deep sense of personal purpose coupled with an unshakable self-confidence in the ability to realize this purpose.
They also have a willingness to take personal risks and make sacrifices in order to get their destinations.
They anticipate change and are proactive, rather than reactive to events cum challenges.
They focus on opportunities, not on problems. They have a winning mentality and will never rationalize failure.
A real visionary leader accomplishes great feats by drawing on innate inner strength and as such is not often moved by external challenges.
Chieftaincy title given to Engr. Gregory Ighere by was a well deserved one, following his developmental track records in the kingdom and beyond. 
The title "OGBABEMRE 1 of Oghara Kingdom " was a well thought out one, being a man of destiny fulfilment. Someone who know the man when he was growing up would conclude that he would have nothing to offer to both his family and the society.
But guess what,  as someone who understand the terrain he was coming from, worked hard to make it in life. Being the only son of his mother, the mother suffered and prayed for him, told Chief Gregory Ighere to make her proud.
As a young child growing he was not deterred amid challenges of life, following the advice of his beloved mother.
Haven knowing the pains of his mother before her eventual demise was determined to make it in life, as a destiny child and a remarkableone at that, took his destiny by his hand, as a way not to betray his demised mother.
The OGBABEMRE of Oghara Kingdom being a replica of what a good husband and father must be vowed to make all his children not to pass through what he passed through as a child growing up.  He strive hard and guess what break new grounds either in wealth, exposure,  children and what have you.
Haven done noble to his family and the society, the Oghara traditional institution in her wisdom bestowed on him a Chieftaincy title of "OGBABEMRE " ( Brave men are rare) of Oghara Kingdom as a way to say thank you on his developmental feats he has achieved. 
I join the family of the "Ogbabemre" to thank the Oghara traditional institution for this noble feat.
uku-Oghara na-me, Our ebullient Unugbrogodo of Ogharefe and indeed the entire Chieftaincy title committee got it right on this.
Destiny is Real!  
HRM, please permit me to add another names, if granted then Engr. Gregory Ighere shall be called.
Oberhire! Urhievwe!  OGBABEMRE 1 of OGHARA KINGDOM. 
Congratulations Sir.

Kparobo Ehvwubare is a journalist, online publisher and social commentator wrote from Oghara-Delta State. Could be reached onmarksbare@gmail.com or +2347067546856

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