Fake receipt causes uneasy calm in Delsuth, Head of audit fingered on alleged fraud

...I am not a criminal says Head of audit
...Management has set up panel says D.A

Crisis seems to be looming in Delta State University Teaching Hospital,  Oghara following alleged issuance of fake receipts to patients in the State owned Teaching Hospital.

Dependable sources has informed our correspondents that the Head of Audit in the institution,  Mr. Jackson Kerry was allegedly fingered to be the mask behind the fraud who was said to be a right hand man of a top management staff.

According to investigations revealed that Mr. Jackson Kerry who claimed to have apprehended the culprits and reported same to management where the suspects were suspended was alleged to be a helmsman of the fraud and right hand man to a top management staff where the funds met for the hospital development was said to be siphoned through issuance of fake receipts to patients and the said funds shared among those that carry the fraudulent act.

But recently fracas seems to have ensued between a staff (names withheld) of the hospital working in the audit department and the Head of audit over poor remittance of the funds allegedly generated from the fraudulent act, a development the Head of audit was unhappy with.

Revealing further, the Head of audit who allegedly after reporting to his boss in the business;  who is a top management staff told him to implicate the staff by way of setting him up, told the staff (name withheld ) to be appending his signatory to every receipt issued out.

A development the Head of audit, Mr. Jackson  Kerry acted the script of his boss in the business  amd used same against the staff by way of reporting those involved in the fraudulent act to management to face the wrath of management.

Contacted, the Head of audit, Mr. Jackson Kerry denied being part of the fraudulent act told our correspondent that he apprehended the culprit and reported same to management.

"I am not part of their fraudulent act, I caught the culprit in my office, nobody threatened Mrs. Otubu even their union Chairman queried her in order verbally for the arrest made.  If you are chance come let's see in my office". He added.

Stressing that nobody threatened Mrs. Otubu as she alleged at the police station, adding that the issue is currently before management of the institution.

Also contacted,  the Director of Administration of the institution told our correspondent that management has set up a committee to investigate the issue  and advise management appropriately.

"My brother, management is aware of the fraudulent act been carried out by some staff, especially with the issuance of fake receipts to patients recently".

"Management has set up investigative panel and as such I would not comment much of the matter ".

Investigations however revealed that because of the involvement of a top management staff in fraudulent activities in the institution,  Management has deliberately refused to set up revenue panel to investigate what comes into the hospital and what goes out, a development a top management staff felt would expose them of their fraudulent act.

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