Delta Speakership : Why Erhitake Ibori remain the best Choice

By Kparobo Ehvwubare

As a writer with socio-political interest, I have not failed to confront our ruinous and ravenous political big animals’ right in their dens. In the recent past, the writers in me went into his cave and guess what; many of my fans/readers believed that I have been settled. It is salient I state here that lovers of my pen know that I am not a saint but I am not immune against ‘what benefit all of us’ being a patriotic Deltan.

When some political juntas with some conservative thinkers are hamming on “Erhitake cannot be Delta Speaker ” and this has been the current political campaign of some political selfish few.

Each time I have the opportunity of educating some of those in that line of arguments, I try to persuade them to be a progressive thinker rather than being myopic and selfish in their thoughts, infact, I am mad at that argument that does not hold water.

Yes I may not make it to the Vatican’s hall of “santus homes” but when it comes to getting things right in my dear State, I prefer to pace suicide than go against my principle and conscience. My pen cannot go to bed when there are frantic efforts from some politicians to deprive Ethiope and by extension Erhitake, the daughter of the lion himself, Chief James Onanefe Ibori ; if eventually the right person is supported based on equity than the myopic idea that Erhitake is not yet matured to be Speaker, and if she succeeds as the Speaker,  she would be impeached in less than three months. Who said so? What laws? From which political calculation?  Under which agreement (written or unwritten)?.

I want to state here that the jinx of impeachment or forceful resignation would end when Erhitake is elected as the Speaker,  because I have advocated for that in Ethiope West where House member only go to the  House for single term, but I saw the need to break out from the political bondage/deprivation,  I advocated that Erhitake should break it and today we now have Erhitake representing Ethiope West in the House for two consecutive time. Did my advocacy work?

On the jinx of possible  forceful resignation  or impeachment of speakers since the inception of the Delta House Assembly would be in oblivion,  because I did not see any possibility of Gov. Okowa making plans or giving nod to the House members to impeach Erhitake.

But if that mistakenly happen, it's an indication that a petition for dissolution of political  marriage between Gov. Okowa  and Chief Ibori has just been served, which I so much believe that Okowa cannot afford to lose his poltical with Ibori marriage soon.

In my own calculation,  it's the turn of Ethiope to produce the next Speaker  and our own amazon, Erhitake is equal to the task.

Deltans would regain her rightful place in the comity things, the moment we begin to think and act as one who demands justice at all time. If Kparobo dynasty is walking with Tolotolo leg with Tolotolo pride, if Deltans are surging like the Gurara water fall, if hatred have continued to spread like wild hammatan fire, it is because we as a people are without acquaintance.

The outgoing Speaker has completed the tenure of Okpe, Sapele local government and making case for the outgoing Speaker to return as Speaker amounts to underrating Ethiope Federal constituency that they have no capable House members, which we will not take lightly if our peaceful nature is in anyway taken for cowardice.

The gods of Ethiope Federal constituency will not forgive those clamouring/arguing this for their selfish interest.

I have took time to x-raying the possibilities with a civilized and global look, and my findings revealed that Erhitake is very much ready for Speakership job.

Party leadership and our ebullient James Ibori must as a matter of necessity deliver our Erhitake in this struggle; King-makers cannot afford to remain hewers of wood in the State politics.

Kparobo Ehvwubare, is a Journalist, Online Publisher and Social Crusader writes from Oghara-Delta State. Could be reach on or +2347067546856.

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