Who will be Delta Messiah?

By Kparobo Ehvwubare
In 2008, Barack Obama became first in the lineage of coloured people to become President of the United States of America.  Obama came to power when times were tough. Within eight years in office, he’s created 12 million jobs, killed Osama bin Laden, saved General Motors from demise, doubled the US stock market, brought back life into an economy that was rolling off the cliff into Gehena and a system that was tumbling down into Tophet.
While some give him a pass mark for his achievements, his opponents who see him as a floundering, economy-shrinking, deficit-creating failure and gay-loving President, are thumbing down hard. Today, Obama has only about 50 per cent approval rating for a job well-done. If you want to be in the business of making everybody happy in life, someone once said, consider selling some ice cream. You may be accorded a fairer deal.
Now, let’s bring it home. In 1999, Delta’s Chief James Ibori ascended the throne as civilian Governor, haven being with former military Head of State, General Sani Abacha. Like the Biblical Joseph from the calaboose, his garment was changed and made to reign over about 50 million Deltans through an election. The fatigue of the military rule was telling on the psyche of the nation. Military rule had poured down terror on the nation and Delta inclusive. Ibori coming was hailed by many. Although he was despised in his Delta-Central political base, and loathed among his village men, Ibori survived his first term; did what he could do; sought re-election and won. Before his tenure was over, many Deltans couldn’t wait to see him go. They yearned for somebody else.
Emmanuel Uduaghan from the Southern part of the State succeeded Ibori in 2007. Deltans, in their inveterate manner, hailed his emergence, while in some areas, his emergence was greeted with mixed feelings. Six months into power, he was also shouted down.  ‘ that Uduaghan rigged himself into power’  was one of his christened names. Court cases was the order of the day, he spent almost all his tenure moving from one court to another. Uduaghan set a template and tempo; did what he could for Delta as Governor.
Even after two years out office as Governor, many Deltans are still calling for Uduaghan’s head to be crucified by EFCC, but Uduaghan knowing who he is perfected all plans to avoid the wrath of the anti graft agency.
During Uduaghan regime, many were made Billionaires through fraudulent means, in attempt to use public funds to settle those perceived to be the enemies of his government, not to pass through  the gate of his predecessor, who felt he could do away with everything. But Uduaghan never take any chances. 
Many of them had their life dreams fulfilled when he was governor. Was he a generous guy? You couldn’t have worked with Uduaghan and not build at least two mansions. I know people who completed their building projects running into billions because Uduaghan good gestures. Many of them even bought homes abroad. Those fraudsters missed Uduaghan. Later on, Uduaghan became bad in the eyes of these men. Once adjudged the “messiah” of their time, the Governor became “The Clueless”. Uduaghan  was called many names except a child of God.
Recently , the incumbent Delta Governor, Ifeanyi Okowa as part of his campaign strategies embarked on itinerary projects inspection cum project commissioning. Some of the projects commissioned so far was adjudged to be below standard if not second hand project, if I may use that word.
Not only that, Okowa led administration has not even embarked on a meaningful project that would affect the common man and woman on the street. His first term in office has succeeded in enriching self and cronies, crying fowl that there is no money in the State.
His focus was on how best to get his second term, starving and witch hunting those perceived to be a threat to his second term ambition.
Gov. Okowa first term in office has succeeded in rendering interventionist agencies relevant, doling out funds to carry out meaningful projects in their mandate areas. Investigations has shown that DESOPADEC was well positioned in respect of project execution in the State. I was shocked yesterday when Okowa commissioned a eleven kilometers Okuefe-Ogbenu a road project to be done in Oghara amounting to N900 million which was later reviewed upward according to unconfirmed report.
In conclusion, I state this matter of fact. Supporters of, and opposition to the government of any State or nation are all beneficiaries of the success and failure of that government. When good roads are built, everybody travels safely on them. When enough dividend is generated, everybody enjoys. When food is plenteous, the hungry reduce in number. When the economy booms, no one is exempted from its benefits.  If the flip side becomes an ugly testament, everybody Ioses out. Those who are all out for the destruction of what’s left of Delta must take note of this salient point. Is Delta’s “Messiah” yet born? Maybe, he is. Maybe, you are. Maybe, we are still searching. And maybe, the “Messiah” is not yet born!
Kparobo Ehvwubare is a Journalist, analyst writes from Oghara-Delta State. Could be reach on marksbare@gmail.com or +2347067546856

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