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Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa
 Sunreporters-President of the National Association of Resident Doctors of Nigeria (NARD) Dr. Olusegun  Olaopa, said  that Delta State governor, Dr Ifeanyi  Okowa  has set the legislative/legal template for Nigerians to enjoy free health for all, stating that  the State governor  has done the needful and contributed the best part to this national discourse through the  national health act, assented in 2014.  

Dr Olaopa made remarks recently when the National Association Of Resident doctors held the  opening ceremony of   its National Executive Council meeting ‘’THE  BIG HEART 2019’’ at the DELSUTH Auditorium, with the theme: ACHIEVING  QUALITY HEALTHCARE DELIVERY THROUGH  UNIVERSAL HEALTH COVERSAGE IN NIGERIA: THE STATE PERSPRCTIVE”.

The president further stated  that Delta  State is the most qualified  states in Nigeria to advance advocacy of universal health coverage, hence   they  came to DELSUTH Oghara, an institution under the direct administration of Okowa to create a gateway  to  announce  for other  states  and of course the federal government to copy.
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Delsuth CMD, Onome Ogueh
 Olorogun ( Dr) Isaac  O. Akpoveta the Chairman, Governing  Board, Delta  State Contributory Health Commission , in his keynote address   stated that to achieve quality healthcare required a level of responsiveness on the path of care-givers, and that the moment   patients  wait  for too long in the out-patient department before seeing a doctor, you have killed the quality of care. Dr. Akpoveta    stated that  safety, effectiveness,   patient contentedness, timeliness, efficiency and equity are some of the criterion that made care   quality.

He added that currently, the scheme had about 500,000 participants in the state, adding  that the political will of Okowa towards achieving  universal health coverage  in Delta State can never be over-emphasized.

The  chairman of the occasion, Chief  Dr. Williams  Makinde , represented by Dr Victor  Oregbu  admonished  Nigerian medical doctors  with serious attempt to seek better working  condition abroad to put off their plans, adding that   America, Europe  and other countries they are seeking  to running to are not built in one day, and that  no matter the amount of success achieved abroad, home remained home.

In his remarks the , CMD, Dr. Onome  Ogueh   lauded the former governor, Dr. Emmanuel  Eweta Uduaghan and the current governor , Senator Dr. Ifranyi  Okowa  as the  two personalities  that  aided  the founding  father , Chief  James  Ibori for the creation of DELSUTH, and they  all keen in making the hospital   fulfilled  its  vision:  achieving world class in patient  care. The CMD mentioned  that  the state government had  approved the total renovation of the  clinical  building  and in few months time, the hospital would be better than new.

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