Rituals among our youths: Causes and Solutions

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The society are seeing the youths as leaders of tomorrow, parents look onto them as their heir-apparent, making every effort to see that they are well brought up even at the risk of laying bare their own comforts and denying themselves of same.
But many today frown at the violent disposition of many youths supposedly seen as leaders of tomorrow.
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In an atmosphere charged with boastful acts and talks, an atmosphere filled with egocentric displays, intimidation, crash of supremacy and battle for quick rich, not short of violent tangles is oftentimes expected.
And when one watches these ugly scenerios, the dominant faces seen are that of the youths who behaves as if they are immune to death. They brandish dangerous weapons to the extent that our youths resorted to killing of their fellow humans for ritual purposes. They are so callous that even some of them used their relatives for rituals.
It was reported last week how two of Nigerian youths in Lagos State gruesomely murdered one of their cousins and take away some parts of her body but unfortunate for them, they were cut along the line.
Many of them want to feel big for their unreasonable girlfriends who want everything from them, and in attempt to satisfy their girlfriend (s), they resort to all sort of crimes to meet up to their billings, to the extent that a fourteen year old boy would buy a car amounting millions to his girlfriend as gift and the parents will be clapping for them saying that their children has arrived, posing dangerous threats to our responsible youths who work for their money.
If responsible guy approach a girl, the girl would like: What do you do for a living? And if you are not into the category of quick money association, they discard you without looking back, some of our parents would even do the worst by warning the guy never to come near their daughter that they have target from their daughter and they don’t think the guy can meet the target.
The most unfortunate part of it all is that those who indulge in this menace are sons of the poor who has little or no contacts in the society, since their parents could not give them what they want; they resort to rituals and Ghana burglarism to meet their billings in the society.
And when they are cut in the attempt, their innocent parents or guardians who may not know when the casala began go about looking for solution.
Rituals killing of our people in recent time have been so rampant and those arrested so far are youths who want to get rich before their ripe age.
Our girls and ladies are now the target, they go about killing our girls and ladies with the view to taking away their pants and some of their parts of their body, and it seems that is their new area of specialization at the moment and our girls has also resolved not to be putting on pants or anoint it with olive oil if they do.
The hitherto girls who are always looking for guys who belong to quick money association are now withdrawing from them and looking for responsible guys who work for their money, with the resolve to manage with them instead of losing their lives to these yahoo plus in the name of luxury.
Recently I was coming from Asaba and I decided to pass through Abraka, to sample opinion of students in the State owned citadel of learning. My findings revealed that some of our club addicted girls have resorted to reading their books at night instead of clubbing with the yahoo plus guys who later use them for ritual.
Rituals killing would plunge our society into the abyss of decline and if urgent steps are not taken, it would degenerate to a state where our girls would no longer walk freely on the street.
It therefore call for concern from all and sundry to rise up to the task, with the view of nailing those caught in the act.
Government at all level need to sensitize our youths on the dangers of this menace; and our parents and guardians need to also wake up to know how their children get money to earn a living.
The security agencies should also be alive to their responsibilities to help in getting this menace off the street, rather than encouraging them by providing cover and escort to yahoo plus guys.
Our privileged ones should also be magnanimous by encouraging our youths through empowerments and meaningful ventures; that social vices would be reduced to barest minimum in our society. That I believe.
Kparobo Ehvwubare wrote from Oghara-Delta State. Could be reached on marksbare@gmail.com or +2347054455869 (sms only)


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