Mr. Chairman, many Oghara people now live in fear

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Ethiope west Local government Chairman, Solomon Golley

Dear Ethiope West Local Government Chairman, Hon. Solomon Golley, in the light of the on-going ritual killings and gruesome murder of our people in our hitherto peaceful local government in recent times, many of us (occupants) are now living in fear. Most of our people now sleep with one eye open occasioned by the recent killings of our people by ritualists who have resorted to killing of our people, with the resolve to taking away parts of those murdered.
Our people and their families are afraid to do their accustomed work and sleep peacefully in their abode, the handwork and means of livelihood of our people and their families are mainly farming and trading, there by subjecting them to waking up early to go about their legitimate business.
But our people who embarked on early morning businesses no longer wake up on time in fear of them being murdered by these deadly ritualists who are always awake hunting for whom to kill to serve their purpose.
Mr. Chairman, in a month three people has been killed by this deadly ritualists and no one seems to show any concern about this menace that would eat deep into our community fibre if urgent steps are not taken.
Mr. Chairman, I recalled with nostalgia your effort when kidnappers almost drive everyone from the local government during your first tenure in office, and you took the bull by the horn and swung into action and of course everybody felt the impact of your action then.
We are also aware of the sacrifices you made to make our community peaceful then when you were nicknamed “Security Master”.
Mr. Chairman! Killing of our people are now rampant, investigations has revealed that this time ritualists not kidnappers and I think Mr. Chairman, the monarch and other stakeholders in Oghara need to make the community safe for our people; because we now live in fear in our own community where ritual killings has become the other of the day.
The situation is desperate, Mr. Chairman. As you very well know, we seriously need to improve on the security situation of our community. You recorded a giant stride in your first tenure and the people are asking that what would be your achievement in this second tenure.
I am aware that you always deliver in your oars if given responsibilities, that you are known for. I am also aware that your second coming was to ensure that PDP win all positions in the local government in the forthcoming 2019 election, that we know you will achieve. But aside that should all our people be killed by rituals? And no drastic action has been taken thus far? What is our monarch, police doing in this regards?
Mr. Chairman, as the Chief Security Officer of the Local government, your people are currently living in fear and the question begging for answer from your people is; what would Mr. Chairman be remembered for in his second tenure! Would he sustain his achievement in the security aspect or pretend to be blind over the current security unrest staring on us?
In view of the above I want to as a matter of urgency urge Mr. Chairman to be alive to his responsibilities by providing the much needed security of lives and properties to our people. We know his capacity and he should deplore all means to avert this fear in our people.
Mr. Chairman, you owe our people clear, truthful, and statesmanlike answers and explanations on this situation. More importantly, you owe our people policies and actions that will remove this horrible threat from our community – in the interest of the peace in our community. We pledge our strongest support to such policies and actions when you design and implement them. But delay is dangerous.
Kparobo Ehvwubare is a concern Oghara indigene and online reporter. Could be reached on
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