The sorry state of Delta State University Teaching Hospital, Oghara

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By Kparobo Ehvwubare
The health institution is an important part of any society needs, more so in the basic needs of man, good health is an essential ingredient that does not need to be played with, especially as it relates to its health citadel. Delta State University Teaching Hospital, Oghara was hitherto the pride of health institutions in Nigeria.
That was when cleanliness was the alternate name for the Delta State owned teaching hospital that was also the period when all the institution staff are dedicated to duties, with joy in their heart, where all that is needed to do their jobs were promptly made available to them by the institution management.
According to sources, the institution was constructed with total cost running into billions of naira by the then Delta State governor, Chief James Ibori through the dogged effort of Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan and Dr. Agbedia of blessed memory. The massive structure has undergone several maintenance work and renovations since it was opened for operation, the institution walk ways was not also inception.
Then what went wrong? How did our hitherto bubbling teaching hospital turned into the abyss of decline? What roles did the institution management played in this regard? What about Delta State government? Why so soon that our ones reference point to teaching hospital turned into comatose state?
Exit door to the hospital towards the mortuary
Well some of the answers to the above questions finds expression to the roles played the both Delta State government and the institution management.
The Delta State University Teaching Hospital is located on a large expanse of land along Otefe road, the host community to Delta State Polytechnic, Oghara. However, the current infrastructural state of the teaching hospital leaves much to be desired as the facilities are in dire need of intervention following several years of apparent neglect. In this special report we take a look at some of the structural and maintenance problems besetting the hospital.
Leaking Roofs
To say some of the roofs in the hospital complex are leaking is to put the situation mildly as many roofing parts have been completely bad. A badly odoured toilet greets you as you enter the hospital reception from the main building and poor maintenance and lessaz-faire attitudes of cleaners are the theme of the story in other structures within the premises.
Irked by the development, speaking to sunreporters correspondents who spoke to some the staff observed that the cleaners are not better motivated as a way of making available toiletries and other cleaning materials available for them to work. The story was not also different when some of the hospital gardeners spoke to our correspondent.
The most affected section is the wing of the complex the area of dialysis center, where water gushed out of the building each time it rains, the story was not also different at the exit door to the mortuary.
The situation has been compounded by the current raining season as the floors are logged with water which makes walking through some parts of the building, especially from the dialysis area through the walk way to the administrative building an unpleasant experience.
Speaking to sunreporters, a staff of the hospital who pleaded anonymity blamed natural causes for some of the damage done to the hospital, specifically the area of the exit door to the mortuary, where the suck away has become a death trap on management of the hospital, described it as poor maintenance culture on the side of management.
Overgrown winds in the hospital
Overgrown Vegetation and fading walls
Strolling through the environs of hospital, one cannot help but wonder if there is a body charged with maintaining the area at all. Some sections of the compound can only be described as “mini-forests” with 1.2 metre tall grass coating the entire landscape.
The current surroundings present a conducive habitat for dangerous reptiles to breed, posing a significant risk to workers and patients.
Sunreporters also observed that the paintings on the hospital structures are fading away, leaving the buildings looking severely unattractive.
Students hostile block
Defaced fences
Investigation by sunreporters revealed that the fences are currently wearing out
However, one would have expected that an important state institution such as the teaching hospital will be spared of such poorly executed partisan actions.
Regrettably, the fence of the hospital has been completely defaced and management pretend to be blind over this trend. 
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Cracks, Animal dung and debris
The ageing walls protecting and holding up parts of the Delta State University Teaching structures display visible cracks and risk giving way if they are left to continue depreciating. Also, the floors within the hospital are crying out for urgent attention as some of the tiles have started to come off.
One of the death trap suck-away pit in the hospital 
There is no doubt that the Delta State University Teaching is in need of a significant structural overhaul as well as an effective maintenance system.
Crack tile in the admin block toward CMAC office
Sunreporters correspondent met with the Chief Medical Director of the hospital, Dr. Onome Ogueh to know what management was doing to improve the condition of the hospital. Dr. Ogueh noted that efforts are on to arrest the situation.
When our correspondent went round the hospital, it seems that Delta State government has completely abandoned the hospital to its fate, while it’s currently at its dilapidated State.
Insider sources alleged that the hospital board members and the management are currently in eye for eye mission, while blaming the dilapidated state on the snail execution of minor projects begging for attention in the hospital on the Chief Medical Director.

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