Ethiope west PDP Chairman, Onome Ojo @ 40: If men were God!

Hon. Moses Onome Ojo

The Bible make us understand that in the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. Having seen all the features and creatures, he decided to create man last day; so that he can have dominion over all the things he has created. He went further to reduce the suffering of man by preparing a beautiful garden and man the ‘Chairman of the garden. 
With all these, man’s lust for more knowledge and power did not end there. In clear terms, he was not satisfied with the position God gave to him and decided to try all sorts of avenue to rival God, the creator. Despite the fact that God was grieved to his heart having created man and the man he created abandoned the noble role design for him by the creator and since then man has not looked back in his wicked ways.

In order to improve on his wicked activities, man took a critical analysis of his environment and discovered that one of the greatest hindrances to his well being is birds flying all over the place. He felt disturbed by the early morning melodies and other entertainment offered by the birds in praises of the creator and man’s happiness.

He began to plan on how to curtail the movement of this creature and the idea that came to him was to build a ‘cage’ get hold of the birds and put it in the cage. In this way the natural habitat which God provided for the birds has been altered by man’s insensibility to man.

To make the birds comfortable, he provided the beddings, water, food, clothe and even fire to warm the birds during cool season and in spite of all these, birds was not satisfied because it did not trust the creature called MAN if he would kill them in his next plan.

Haven succeeded in taming the birds, man’s lust for wickedness grew and even bringing them into his inner kitchen. He decided to launch another ambition. He found solace in the river. Having enjoyed the display of the fishes under the water, he decided on what to do in order to deprive the creature of their freedom. 

He came with the idea of aquarium which he so designed with fitted gadgets. He went further to install electricity for the comfort of the fishes, yet he has his light in his bedroom. It was the aquarium that now becomes the new home of this wonderful creature called fish, like birds in the cage, beds, food and other items were provided for the fish but in actual sense, fish was not satisfied neither trust man.

With all these, it is expected that man would rise up against his fellow man by calling on him to allow the birds and the fishes to have their freedom, but rather, man decided to celebrate his colleague for achieving success. Other men immediately recognized this and bestowed several awards to enable this wickedness continue unabated.

Having seen the accolades and praises from fellow men, he took serious look at this environment and his mind went to politics, where the winner takes it all, knowing too well that his fellow humans will contest an election and probably deprived him of all the offices in the world, he came out with an idea of where fellow men should be restricted to and named it ‘PRISON’. He gradually formulated laws to his favour to the detriment of his enemy being at the helms of affairs, thereby keying into the famous ‘Animal Farm’ that all animal are equal but some are more equal than the others; upon all this man never satisfied.
If I continue to enumerate how wicked the creature call ‘MAN’ is, my ink may finish in the process, but at a point in time one need to expose the wickedness of men in our society.
The Ethiope west PDP Chairman, Moses Onome Ojo is a man after God’s heart, fulfilling his dreams as the local government PDP Chairman was never a tea party, following the antecedent of how men tried all means to ruin the party during his administration, but God who never sleep was always with him.
Ojo emergence as the party Chairman was a rigorous one, following mighty men in the local government who want him to do their bidding, a development that would have draw HIS NAME TO THE MUD.
Being focus as he is, he was able to surmount all the challenges and escape the traps of his enemies.
In the process to bring him to his knees, Moses Onome Ojo was deprived of some of his entitlements as a party Chairman; contracts were taken from him, through those who specialized in gossips to destroy fellow men.
Despite all the challenges, Ojo was able to overboard their plans, making his enemies to be murmuring over Onome Ojo’s plan to own an apartment in Oghara, that which he was able to achieve through divine grace, because left for men, he would have been begging for crumbs till date. What a mighty God!
The Ethiope west PDP boss was never held back by the plans of his enemies. Under his administration, the party was able to build a secretariat awaiting commissioning, adjudged to be the first of his kind in the history of PDP in the State.
Prior to the recent primaries, Onome Ojo never lost focus on his resolved for free, fair and credible primaries in the local government, a development his enemies sees as a threat to their political career, tried all means to compromise the young promising man, to their greatest surprise, all their hopes were dashed, a process that rekindled the hope of the common man in the party.
Onome Ojo leadership prowess has triggers yours sincerely to join the party soon, because his leadership style has shown that regenerative PDP is still possible with the likes of Onome Ojo at the helms of affairs.  
Despite call for his crucifixion of sort by his kinsmen in the party, this innocent soul has never advocated for vendetta, rather he strategize on how best to strengthen his party for the task ahead; even as they are making inflammatory statements, to the extent of where he was beaten by a party man, Onome Ojo never advocated for revenge, a development that is rare among average Nigerian politician.
As you celebrate another glorious year, it is my firm believe that PDP would consider you for another higher position at the end of your administration where you would take the party to a greater height. Happy birthday Sir.
Kparobo Ehvwubare is a journalist, social/political analyst writes from Oghara-Delta State

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