The abyss of decline in Delta PDP: Who is to blame! What is the solution!

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Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa

The People's Democratic Party was formed in the country in 1998 by a Group of 18 and later 34 Eminent Personalities which cut across different elite class, military, business, political, bureaucratic, the political association known as ‘the Institute of Civil Society’ was later registered as the Peoples Democratic Party by the Independent National Electoral Commission as a political party alongside the All Peoples Party (later renamed the All Nigeria’s Peoples Party) and Alliance for Democracy. That was in December 1998 after the conduct of the Local Government election of that year.
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Since its formal registration, the PDP has come a long way winning a majority of seats at all levels of governance (federal, state and local government) in four out of the five electoral cycles namely, 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2011 before meeting its political waterloo during the 2015 General Elections where it fell electorally to its arch-rival and political nemesis, the All Progressives Congress, at the Federal, which was formed in 2013 through the merger of A.D, A.C.N, C.P.C among others.

Because of the strings of electoral successes, one of the party’s Chairmen, Prince Vincent Ogbulafor boasted in 2008 that the party would rule the country for 60 years. Unfortunately, because of its proud nature, instead of 60 years, the party ruled for 16 years at the Federal level. Where is Ogbulafor who boasted!

Some political analysts believed that PDP has never won any elections, they are always found of rigging into power; ought some the State may have genuinely won election while about 70 percent of PDP candidates rigged themselves into power.

This piece would focus on the activities of the party in Delta State, and Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa government as it relates to the management of the party via his foot soldiers that were smuggled into various positions, from the ward to local government and to State level in the last PDP congress.

The birth of PDP cannot be complete, without the mention of the likes of Chief James Ibori, Patrick Osakwe, Chief Ighoyota Amori, Ray Inije, Austine Rerri, Engr. Benjamin Elue, Patrick Sinebe among others. These were the crème de la crème of the party during its formation in the State.

I recalled with nostalgia that before now in Delta State, primaries were done peacefully, where all stakeholders’ interest was accommodated; that was the period where stakeholders from every local government were allowed to elect the candidate of their choice. That was also the period where the party gentleman agreements in some local government have its way; where PDP is known for one formidable force through elections.

But what went wrong? What plan did the party have to rescue the party  from its primaries that would turn into dagger drawn? Will all stakeholders’ interest be accommodated? Would the popular candidates have their way? Why did Okowa allowed Uduaghan to go? Is Okowa being fair to all concerned? Is he pursuing PDP founding members to build his structure awaiting 2023?
With what is currently playing out within the PDP family in State, PDP may lose the election to the opposition if urgent steps are not taken.
Like what I have said before, Okowa would have the lion share of the blame if PDP in Delta State crumble under his watch, no doubt he is in for vendetta and build up for who succeed him come 2023.
But at this particular point in time, Okowa should be more concern about his 2019 re-election bid, instead of his preparatory steps on who to succeed him 2023.
In one of my piece, before the eventual defection of Gov. Uduaghan I advised him to look inward for those that are popular in their various districts and allow them to fly the party flag instead of wrinkles he is currently preparing to represent Deltans at various positions both in Federal and State level, that cant challenge his decision come 2023.
I know that the battle is for 2023 and Okowa was not leaving any stones unturned in that direction. I pray that he should not fight his political father come 2023, because I was told that the man has told Okowa in clear terms the next governor come 2023.
Now that Uduaghan has crossed to the other side, Okowa need to do more work by allowing popular candidates to fly the party flag and above all, he should forget about who succeed him for now. Tomorrow shall speak for itself.
Kparobo Ehvwubare wrote from Oghara-Delta State,   

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