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2019: Memo to Emmanuel Uduaghan, Why you must not listen to Ibori on this

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immediate past Delta State governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan

Before I get started, I have a confession to make. In my little way, I try to avoid the friendship of big men, especially if I perceived to be sycophants. I will explain. Big men can hardly appreciate the worth of a small man. They cannot initiate a short telephone conversation with the small person to say ‘I am just checking on you my friend.’ If they manage to do, it is not to say ‘hello’ but to complain, most times bitterly, about some matter that a small man didn’t handle to their ultimate satisfaction; or reel out more directives after which they recline to their exclusive zone and wait for when the unfortunate small man will become useful again.

That is the kind of big men we have in the society we find our self, but believe me they know the worth of the small man who can even stake their neck for them, but they pretend to be ignorant of what the small man can do for them in public.
The big man thinks his bigness, and the fact that he allows some social access more than compensate for every effort the small man puts in to sustain the relationship. As a Christian, I asked God to give me the wisdom to manage big men, understand their workings and know how to deal with them; to my greatest surprise he told me to stop pretending to be a big man’s friend.
The application of that wisdom has never failed me. I have just offered free of charge what took me days of prayers to secure from God to understand them the more. Since then I have stop the self deception that I am a big man’s friend.
I have to give this background so that some of my big man friend will understand why I have somehow maintained a safe distance, because getting close to them will amount to self deception of being a big man’s friend.
For some time now I have decided to keep a distance from Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan and others occasioned by the directives given to me by God that I should stop pretending to be a big man’s friend, many a pundit has been groaning on the rationale behind my decision.
Some even came to me right in my den to know what was wrong, but to their greatest surprise, I told them that I just decided to be alone for now in strict adherence to my savoiur directives.
But to set the record straight, I would have Uduaghan privately and discuss the content of this memo with him but I decided to send it him through this platform to obey my God.
Do not get me wrong! The big men still remain my very good friends and I protect their interests when occasion calls, hence this memo to one of them.
Dear Gov. Emmanuel Uduaghan, I have vowed to protect you and your interest years back before I eventually meet with you sometime in December 2016, where you reeled out some of your landmark projects in our dear State and your future plans for your people.
The rationale for that natural love was birthed by your desire and sot-spot for your people, hence my desire to stake my neck for your struggle coupled with the fact of the needed support given to Ibori in the development of the State.
You see, Gov. Uduaghan I was aghast with the bundle of plans by persons to retire you politically, from a man who takes forgiveness for sin, he pretends to be your friend, but I wish to tell you that he is not a friend.
You have to leave the People’s Democratic Party, PDP now, because that is the only leverage to your political survival beyond 2019. ‘He’ is out for vendetta and has perfected plans to ridicule you come 2019. The local government election was used as template to test his masterpaln for 2019.
You can attest to how you manage to produce your local government Chairman. His Excellency, the meeting of the trio during the condolence visit in Oghara was a calculated attempt to lure you to stop the planned defection so that he can finish you once and for all. Your Uncle knows and decided to allow you to follow into the pit so that your little leverage can be caged forever.
I urge you to without delay leave now to avoid this political mystical fire prepared awaiting you, if you can be magnanimous enough and leave the party for good. Your exit from the party would amount to mass exodus of party faithfuls from the party, because many are just waiting for you to take a lip.
You can collaborate my points with if the emissaries sent to your uncle to convince him on why you want to take your leave has yielded results, as he either reject meeting with them or subtly advise you through them never to take your leave from the party.
What about several calculated attempt by Pharaoh to ridicule your person! H.E, you must without delay listen to those who mean well for you and your political survival and discard those who want you dead politically at all cost.
Money and Contacts I have not, but the only way I could be of assistance is through this small man advice of mine, but my hope rekindled that if you can as a matter of urgency take your leave from the party where vendetta was now the order of the day, your political future is very bright.
For me you cannot afford to remain in a political marriage where your political spouse is not seeing your potency and you wish to remain barren politically knowing fully well that you are not barren?
His Excellency, you still have political value where other party spouse would asked for your hand in marriage, do not feel too old to remarry politically, you still all the elegant body for another political marriage, you need to be taken care of; rather than the so called political endurance that you are in currently.
Since your present political husband is telling you to your face that you are no longer useful and you know are still very smart for another marriage, its better you prove them wrong by walking into another political marriage.
Well, for me I have done my part, it behooves you on to do the needful by giving birth to children to another political husband to prove your potency. But if you chose to remain it therefore mean they are right. God said I should tell you that you are destined to marry two husband to fulfilled your political journey.
Kparobo Ehvwubare is a journalist, online publisher wrote from Oghara-Delat State. Could be reach on +2347067546856.

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