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APC National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole
By Norbert Chiazor
This was a viewpoint in May 2018 . As Nigerians congratulate Oshiomhole , APC national Chairman this week, we hope he heeds calls to watch his tongue .....................
Adams Oshiomhole has a gift - gusto .
He has balls ! Huge . The man is brave.
True he made good efforts at provision of social infrastructure in Edo state . At work , Oshiomhole did well. Forget PDP propaganda.
But his verbal engagement was not often exciting.
His strongest point is his weakest line .
Sometimes, he takes his manliness to frightening heights .
He is sound and sharp witted but notoriously sarcastic. When he mounts the podium to speak, he leaves powerful sound bites but disturbing innuendos.
In his political fights with Gabriel Igbenedion , he called the man a worthless and jaded old figure ,an Esama of Benin that made his millions and mark in corporate Nigeria years back when Oshiomhole was struggling, in a tailoring factory .
He labeled Tony Aneni a failed politician and fallen godfather and publicly sworn to nail his " political coffin " . Doyen of the defunct national party SDP in the 1990s when Oshiomhole was dressing up in khaki as a budding trade unionist.
A caustic comedian , he once poked fun at his deputy Pius Odubu ,calling him a 'native doctor " . Odubu laughed it off but not a few people loathed the huge joke from the governor .
He was so dismissive of President Good luck Jonathan often attacking him with scandalous unprintable phrases .
As governor ,he took unkindest jabs at PDP
governor , Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta, who on the flip side maintained a mellow gait.
Oshiomhole called out a Benin widow " to go and die " while enforcing environmental sanitation.
He apologized later with a shared tea party with the young lady and employment. But the gaffe remained one of the worst public relations disasters in history.
Today Oshiomhole is preparing to lead as APC national chairman after his governorship.
APC leader? Oshiomhole is set to win . The most important stakeholders want him on the seat. Buhari regards him .
Oshiomhole is a matchless mobilizer with national visibility. Nonetheless there is an ominous sign that he would put APC in trouble, a ruling party that faces growing alienation of hate and resentment by too many Nigerians over perceived faulty CHANGE agenda .
Out going APC chairman John Odigie Oyegun may not have given the party vibrancy but he was restrained in style. Appreciable qualities to have for a leader , in a complex volatile Nigeria under a boiling cauldron of ethnicity , religion and politics.
As APC chairman, Oshiomhole must learn tact in order not to tear down Nigeria.
A tension - soaked nation almost on the clip of final annihilation needs the soothing balm of edifying words .
The office of chairman of a ruling national party is too insignificant and meaningless compared with Nigeria or the life of one Nigerian .
In exercising his chairmanship, Oshiomhole must pray hard and learn all night to be careful in speech and body language.
Happily ,he has a manageable size he should keep under control in studied decorum .
In selling the manifesto of APC , he must speak to calm and comfort not abuse ban or burn .
Nigeria is already charged on a keg of gun powder. Oshiomhole as APC chairman must never pull the trigger , no thanks to unguarded statements.
Wishing the comrade good luck .

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