Ethiope 2019: Is Amori, Igbakpa Project possible?

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Chief James Ibori

By Kparobo Ehvwubare
As a writer with socio-political interest, I have not failed to confront our ruinous and ravenous political big animals’ right in their dens. In the recent past, the writers in me went into his cave and guess what; many a pundits believed that I have been settled. It is salient I state here that lovers of my pen know that I am not a saint but I am not immune against ‘what benefit all of us’ being a patriotic Ethiopian.

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Chief Ighoyota Amori
When some political juntas in with some conservative thinkers are hamming on “If Amori get PDP ticket for senate, someone from Ethiope East should be given the House of Reps ticket” and this has been the current political campaign of some political selfish few.

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Hon. Ben Igbakpa
Each time I have the opportunity of educating some of those in that line of arguments, I try to persuade them to be a progressive thinker rather than being myopic in their thoughts, infact, I am mad at that argument that does hold water. 

Yes I may not make it to the Vatican’s hall of “santus homes” but when it comes to getting things right in my constituency, I prefer to pace suicide than go against my principle and conscience. My pen cannot go to bed while my people (constituencies) are under inept, clueless, confused and mortgaged representation; if eventually the right person is supported base on credibility than the myopic idea that Senate and House of Reps cannot come from one local government. Who said so? What laws proscribed that? From which calculation?  Under which agreement (written or unwritten)?.

Ethiopians would regain her rightful place in the comity things, the moment we begin to think and act as one who demands justice at all time. If Kparobo dynasty is walking with Tolotolo leg with Tolotolo pride, if Ethiopians are surging like the Gurara water fall, if hatred have continued to spread like wild hammatan fire, it is because we as a people without acquaintance, we have decided to remained Ethiope East and Ethiope west man, or Ughelli man and Okpe man, instead of brothers and sisters from the same Ethiope Federal constituency or senatorial district with poor political representations.
If for example, Amori is given the ticket and Ben Igbakpa is deprived, then what happened come 2023 when someone from Ethiope west may be vying for House of Reps? Will Amori second term be jettisoned? Or Ethiope west will not contest House of reps until Amori so wishes to vacate the senate? Come on!
The gods of Ethiope Federal constituency will not forgive those clamouring/arguing this for their selfish interest.

I have took time to x-raying the possibilities with a civilized and global outlook, and my findings was that it would be a double project execution and proper representation if Amori and Igbakpa are allowed to fly the party ticket. And by extension the party can easily coast to victory with the duo in the district. No doubt, party leaders can affirm this.

Party leadership and our ebullient James Ibori must as a matter of necessity deliver Amori and Igbakpa in this struggle. King-makers cannot afford to remain hewers of wood. It amount to selfishness if any sane Ethiope East man/woman is advocating that “For Ethiope west to get Senate, then give us Reps again” Then Ethiope East would continue to remain in House of Reps as long as Amori remain in the Senate? Haba!

The senate belongs to eight local governments, since we have the like of Ighoyota Amori who has the war chest to muscle that position from our Ethiope Federal constituency, it behooves on us to encourage him alongside with Igbakpa to bring dividend of democracy to our doorstep rather giving them conditions.
Our current House of Reps member has tried in his own oars, as no one can give what he does not have, he has given his best but Ethiopians are of the opinion that he should step out for another fresh blood with the needed requisite to move Federal might to our ones bubbling constituency.

James Ibori should be told that no Oghara man has ever being in Abuja to represent the people in whatever capacity, so also it is to Ethiope Federal constituent  has not also represent the entire Delta Central at the Red Chambers of the National Assembly.
Projecting Igbakpa and Amori at par is like winning the battle and the war at the same time, where our lost glory can be restored.

As small as our constituency, we are still being sentimental about what benefit all of us, being a social person, I have been privileged to meet with people especially people that matters in the senatorial district and beyond, where I asked them some salient questions about leadership formula especially in the political class. I was informed that because of what was styled as gentle man agreement of political positions made them to focus on their immediate family, local government and people who are close to them; leaving others in abyss of decline. Is it supposed to be so?
The rationale behind that mentality was because of the hitherto zoning of political positions.
I also took time to pondered in my moment, I asked myself if really Chief James Ibori want his daughter to be in the State House of Assembly for second term, why no publicity or consultations? But I was told lately that some selected politicians want to use her to achieve their political gains, not necessarily the man.

Since the zoning arrangement has been tempered and for continuity and development to strive, I would support Hon. Erhitake Ibori to remain in the House till 2023, Amori for Senate and Igbakpa for Reps. Don’t ask me questions, I have made my stand. Man dies but ones.

I am aware that Erhitake has not performed well in her first tenure in office, probably she did but was not publicized; neither am now a friend or foe to the Honorable member, but she is the only one who can break the jinx of zoning, since she has already started it, but if the local government political leadership want another, especially her Dad, no prob irrespective of the political party, but my concern is that final befitting burial must be conducted for zoning in Ethiope west and I think Erhitake Ibori has the well withal to shoulder it with the assistance of party leadership and her father.

As the terrain to 2019 election gather momentum with some aspirants oiling their political engine, we are going to stand before the ballot box as delegates cum electorates, not as an Ethiopians, Ughelli or Okpe man. We should as a matter of sportsmanship, development; continuity and patriotism overcome personal gains.

We will go far if we stop politics of sentiments and sowing a seed of discord among ourselves and act as an constituents from the same Federal/senatorial constituency with ‘character competence, commitment and compassion. It begins with you.

Kparobo Ehvwubare, is a journalist, online publisher and social crusader writes from Oghara-Delta State. Could be reach on or +2347067546856.

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