Delta APC Chairman: Why Oghara man will be a sure bet to 2019 victory

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Permit me to start this article with a popular saying that goes ‘whatever is worth having is worth dying for.’ We all yearn for a better Delta deal in every sphere of our lives but how many of us are ready to fight for it with the last drop of our blood? Show me a man who has achieved greatness and I will show you a man who has refused to be defeated by a seemingly impossible situation, even death. In as much I am not trying to incite the opposition to fight the people in government, I think whatever is worth having is worth dying for. If we need a better Delta State then now is the time to take our fate in our hands and fight for it.
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According to statistics, Delta population now stands around 12 million with more than half of its people less than 30 years of age, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s forecast for last year, despite this population surge, is that the West African gross domestic product (GDP) was expected to shrink by 1.7 per cent. Although the aforementioned statistic is in retrospect, you will agree with me that same is still being witnessed today. The population growth is spiralling with a huge number of the youths with no employment or underemployment.
Consequently, the already outstretched security infrastructures have to battle crimes such as armed robbery, kidnapping, political thuggery, public and private facilities vandalism, cybercrimes, civil unrest, suicide, etc. These social crimes are indicators of a failed system and there is a need to either change the system or the people running it. The above mentioned was buttressed by Delta State attorney General and commissioner of justice, Mr. Peter Mrakpor recently who told newsmen that the rationale between increase of crimes in the country was as a result of unemployment, a development he appealed to Nigerians government to engage the youths meaningfully  instead of building more prisons.
If really the All Progressive Congress, APC is out to wrestle power from the current People’s Democratic Party in Delta State, there is urgent need to get a credible State Party Chairman, who has the war chest and the necessary requisite to man that position, which of course would sail the party to victory come 2019.
If the APC is out for a serious business they must make the State great by creating growth focused policies, making adequate plans for the future and commitment to achieve the 2019 plans. In the past, they have failed in this area. An average Nigerian leader in any position today look to amass wealth for himself; while there is no future plan or at best a ‘paper plan’ without any commitment made for our collective future.
The only definition of insanity, as they say, is doing a thing same way and be expecting a different result. Many years have passed without proper plans to wrestle power from the ruling party in the State and APC would make the same mistake if they get wrong hand as party Chairman.
Being a strategist, I am not hired to show the APC on how they can get things right come 2019, but at least they need to be told the bitter truth of being the only variable opposition in the State if they are not on the pay roll of the ruling party, that they have not lived up to their billings.
As Delta elites, we all know where the decision of the State is taken and PDP political Mecca is situated in the State, the APC as a party has not in any day look towards that to break the jinx as a way to wrestle power as an opposition.
Now the APC is planning to elect another executives to man the State executives of the party, and they have not taken into consideration the appropriate place the State party Chairman should come from, they are busy doing in house fighting, dozing off from what they needed to do at the moment.
For the Party to surge to victory come 2019, the State Chairmanship position would determine 40% of 2019 victory for the party. And if they get it wrong with the Chairmanship, the government of the day would able a smooth sail in the forth coming election devoid of stress, because they have digress from the calculation they needed to do at this point in time.
Not a friend to APC neither a foe, but as one who believes in change of system and hand in the State, APC should as a matter of concern zone their State Chairmanship position to the PDP political Mecca to unsettle their camp and whither their feathers of the hitherto sokoto votes from that axis. They must as a matter of urgency scout for a credible and well experienced person, who can dare the lion in his den.
The implication of APC zoning their Chairmanship to Oghara axis is that the soul of Deltans would not be mortgaged; a radical APC Chairman from the Delta PDP political Mecca would send a strong signal to the government of the day and its leadership that APC is out for serious business come 2019.
They should scout for someone who understanding the workings of PDP in the area but now in APC, it must be someone who can do things differently from the hitherto recurrent decimal of failed APC cum opposition in the State.
Having the State Chairman in the area is a well planned attempt of exposing some of the ills of the ruling party and decision makers in the State, APC can get it right if they can yield to my humble suggestion, forget about exhuming personal gains and inordinate ambition, they can make it to victory come 2019, as I will come up with another piece to project viable persons whom they can field as governorship aspirant from Delta north soon.
APC today can take over the affairs of this State through our electoral system by working together. They can harness their potential as the ruling party at the Federal and try to elect the bright, hardworking and credible Deltan to govern us come 2019. They have the number, energy, resources and what have you to take our State back from these cabals. This is a fight they can win if they are prepared and their preparedness starts from who gets Chairmanship of the Party, as it would be dead on arrival if they look somewhere like Sapele, Uvwie, Ughelli to pick the Chairman.
They can make life better for Deltans and future generations. I see a Delta where people can be proud of their leaders, a State that shows the way out of the present shackles of darkness. Aren’t these what Deltans want? Yes it is!
Kparobo Ehvwubare is a journalist, political analyst. Could be reached @ or 07054455869.

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