Award and Journalism: x-raying Kparobo Ehvwubare performance

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Journalists usually try to uncover the truth one story at a time. Most times, we have to be humble enough to admit that our articles address only part of a bigger truth, a fraction of a grander issue. In attempt for a journalist to uncover some salient truth in the society, he may offend some influential few in the society who has soured their hands in ill gotten wealth.

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Sunreporters publisher, Kparobo Ehvwubare

Occasionally, building on years of work, a journalist will experience a rare moment of utmost clarity.the publisher, sunreporters, Kparobo Ehvwubare, is being bestowed with an award as the most understanding Pressman of the Year 2017 today (7/4/2018) by Career Achievers Network of Nigeria, CNN, did just that, with his focus on development of the society through his mighty pen.

For 8 years Kparobo Ehvwubare has work with various newspapers at one time or the other, moving from posting to posting. His knowledge of Delta politics, societal ills, and activism and beyond came to limelight when he wrote series of articles/stories aimed at correcting some of the ills in the society.
He was there when the Delta State University Teaching Hospital was at its emergency unit; he has to step on toes with his pen to ensure that some persons did not conduct final burial for the hitherto bubbling Teaching Hospital.
What about the illegal land gambling by Nigeria Navy, he took the matter so personal saying that ‘If there is nothing to die for, then there would be nothing to live for’. In that regard, he was able to achieve success.
He was also there for the oppressed whom the high and mighty felt they can oppress and go free, but young Kparobo was there fighting for justice, either in Court or with petitions, through the assistance of some his lawyer friends and crime correspondents that led to the release of many.

While doing this, he never expected any reward from anybody, unknowningly to him that the society was watching him with keen interest, to him, this award as the most outstanding pressman of the year 2017 would spur him to do more for his people and the society at large.

Some of the articles written by our young but ebullient publisher include; 'Will Ibori allow our People to be onlookers' 'Meddling Mothers in-law: the cause of broken homes' 'Did Ibori has advocate while he was away?' 'Ibori: our youths are missing in corridor of power' 'Can Ogbodu think, before its too late?' 'James Ibori, before Okowa stab you on the back' 'Who cares when DELSUTH was in abyss of decline?' ' Ethiope 2019: Who shall speak for the constituents'among others 

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