2019: If Urhobo will know dreamers and actualizers: Amori in retrospect

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I was inspired to write this piece as I listened to the out of tune, obtrusive and cacophonous noise of the “My Dream” instrumental by the accordion in the Delta Central musical ensemble.

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One of my favourite preachers, philosophers and motivational speakers, late Dr Myles Munroe postulated that one of the richest places on earth is the cemetery. According to him the cemetery is a rich library, full of unwritten books, dream homes, untapped talents and skills, undelivered messages, unspent resources, unfulfilled promises and missions impossible.
For Dr. Myles, as he was popularly referred to before the fatal plane crash that cut short his life but fulfilled life, the cemetery is a place where dreams, visions and desires are buried.
Given this postulation to which I subscribe fully, it means a lot of people end their lives without actualizing their dreams and aspirations. They are therefore buried with all of these in the cemetery, making it not just an abode for dead bodies in coffins or caskets depending on the status of the dead but indeed a place rich and full of unfulfilled dreams.
Dr. Myles Munroe’s prayers or prophetic declarations at the end or in the middle of his usually powerful and inspiring sessions is “May you die empty”; his own way of prophesying to the destinies of his audience for a fulfilled life that will see to the actualization of their mission, dreams and aspirations.
To die empty is to have lived a fulfilled life, a life where at its end, the individual will be said not just to have dreamt but actualized them. By an obvious implication, there is a wide gulf between a dreamer and an actualizer. What is the difference?
A dreamer talks, an actualizer acts. Dreamers talk about what they think is possible, while actualisers talk less and act more. Actualizers forsake talk for action. They work late, sacrifice weekends and keep going in the face of opposition. Dreamers postpone, actualizers start. While the dreamer gives all sorts of reasons and excuses for deferring his dreams like a raisin in the sun, the actualizer begins and commences action on his dream surmounting every obstacle and distraction. The dreamer blames and finds faults while the actualiser is solution oriented. Dreamers speculate, actualizers experiment.
Dreamers listen to fear, while actualizers work through fear. Dreamers stay in their comfort zones leading to a paralysis of their dream while actualizers recognize the difference between ordinary and extra ordinary.
They are therefore able to push themselves to the limit pushing fears and objections behind them for a home run to the actualization of their dream with the “extra”.
Actualizers see the race track and the lines demarcating each lane, dreamers see themselves breasting the tape. In essence, while the actualizer focuses on the journey and takes concrete steps to get to the destination, the dreamer focuses on the destination but takes no decisive and concrete steps to support his dream.
Dreamers quit their dreams owing to failures, obstacles and setbacks. An actualizer is resilient, trudging on in the face of stiff resistance knowing fully well that every setback is a set up for a comeback. Dreamers stop with failure, actualizers are inspired by failure. Actualizers recognize that rough roads lead to beautiful destinations.
Finally, dreamers compare their dreams, actualizers construct their dreams. Dreamers will recount their dreams and attempt to put them side by side with others who have achieved their dreams. This has been the narrative in Delta Central since 2011. This has been the story of an actualizer, Chief Ighoyota Amori.
Chief Ighoyota Amori has within the last couple of years distinguished himself to be an actualizer, who despite frustrations, gang up against him by some Urhobo selfish few, who want Chief Amori out of the political circle by all means, but the man, Ighoyota Amori remained resolute, owing to the fact that the road to success is always rough.
Amori was the most preferred candidate during the Delta Central bye-election, after that demise of Bar. Akpor Ewherido, but the power that be prevailed on Amori to step down from the race, of course being a loyal party man, he step down from the race.
In the eve of the primary election, I got the information that the Presidency asked Amori to step down, to enable Bar. Agwariewodo complete Ewherido’s tenure, I met with Amori, had a closed doors session with him but what could come out of his mouth was ‘Kparobo let’s endure what we could not cure’.
I was shocked, but at my quite moment I realized that Amori take his party interest above personal gains.
Replica of what a focused politician must be, he threw his hat into the ring to contest the 2015 election, to represent the people of Delta Central senatorial district at the senate, after winning overwhelming he was robbed of the mandate through the Court, when the Pharaohs in the Court kingdom saw bags of pepper waiting for them.
That judgment raised doubt on the reliability of Nigeria judiciary, peace loving Ighoyota Amori take the verdict by faith, looking up to God for vengeance. Infact that verdict was a judiciary summersault, which made commoners to look up to God for justice.
Despite the above mentioned frustrations from kinsmen, political pharaohs and Lordships who threw out their integrity as they saw bags of pepper resting, Ighoyota Amori refused to be deterred knowing fully that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
In this 2019 election, Ighoyota Amori would be the best candidate for Urhobo, because Urhobo has suffered untold hardship in recent time, and it is my hope that if  given the mandate, Chief Ighoyota Amori cannot afford to disappoint the Urhobos.   
The salient point here is that we need to rigour before we can savour. Success does not come cheap or by wishful thinking. A dreamer will never be a visionary; for a true visionary matches vision with action. Therefore, a visionary can easily become an actualizer. And to you reading this piece, would you rather be a dreamer or an actualizer? Whichever you choose, can I have an Amen to my prayer “May you die empty”.
With Amori in the senate, my hope rekindle that regenerative society is possible.
Yes, it is.
Kparobo Ehvwubare is a media consultant and online publisher writes from Oghara-Delta State. Could be reach on marksbare@gmail.com or +2347067546856.

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